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The Saint George Foundation, Sierra Leone, 2024–2028, is grounded in our vision of working together for a self-reliant and resilient society for children and vulnerable adults. This will be achieved through program services that build self-reliance and resilience. With the combined strength of our team, volunteers, donors, partners, and 19 years of experience, we can accomplish this together. We work with a set of values ​​that underlie our daily dictions.

We are aware that it’s crucial to enter this new chapter with our eyes wide open, understanding where we are right now and how present challenges have affected us, as well as with an understanding of how much change is still possible. This is a strengths-based approach based on our experience, credibility, and the insight of those we work with or aim to engage with, including you. It focuses on the areas where children and vulnerable adults can benefit most from our combined efforts.



Saint George Foundation, a child-focused charity Local Non-Government Organization (NGO), established in 2004 in response to the need to improve the life chances of children whose future and wellbeing had been compromised by the eleven-year civil war and whose circumstances continued to be precarious because of their social circumstances.

Since 2004 to the present, Saint George Foundation Sierra Leone has been reacting to the changing circumstances of children, especially in the western area of Sierra Leone, in partnership with the Sierra Leonean Ministry of Social Welfare, Gender, and Children’s Affairs (MSWGCA), primarily working to support homeless and street children. We belong to the Child Protection Committee and the Family Tracing, the Child Right Coalition  and Reunification (FTR)Group.

Our work has been to strengthen national momentum to end child poverty, driven by children, women, families, and communities living in poverty. This approach, referred to as child-focused community development, tackles marginalization and exclusion by putting children, women, families, and communities at the centre of our activities.




Our work focuses on excluded children: children from poorest households, children from broken family or community ties (These include children on the margins of society such as Ebola orphans, displaced children, street connected children, children in conflict with the law, single parent children and children living with extended families especially large polygamous families), children from remote and urban areas, children living with disabilities, and girls particularly from poorest households.

We work with children, families and communities to address injustices and power imbalances in communities that underlie child poverty and result in violation of child rights.

Saint George Foundation approach to community development enables children, families and communities become active participants in their own development. Their empowerment plays a central role. We listen to what children really want and need. We enable their voices to be heard as we assist them in defining their long-term priorities. This is complemented by initiatives to bring about structural changes at district and national level.


Putting Children First

Putting Children First: We believe in children, and we want what’s best for them.

Transparency & Accountability

We uphold accountability by giving prompt feedback, being open with our actions, being transparent, and allowing others, including partners, the public, and communities, to review our business dealings.

Working Together

We always achieve more by working together

Thriving for Excellence & Innovation

We do the best we can to give every child the start in life they deserve. We prioritize originality, quality, and excellence in work and affairs by continuously improving our creativity and innovation.

Openness & Inclusiveness

We foster diversity and inclusivity in our workplace by promoting equal participation, openness to new experiences, proper communication, and openness to sharing ideas and clarifications.

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